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Interior design is the subject of tv programs. In the United Kingdom, popular design and decorating programs include 60 Minute Makeover (ITV), Changing Rooms (BBC), and Selling Houses (Channel 4). Famous interior designers whose efforts are featured during these programs include Linda Barker and Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen. In the United States, the TLC Network aired a favorite program called Trading Spaces, a show depending on the UK program Changing Rooms. In addition, both HGTV plus the DIY Network also televise many programs about home design and decorating, featuring the works of any variety of interior designers, decorators, and do-it-yourself experts inside a myriad of projects.

Fictional interior decorators add the Sugarbaker sisters on Designing Women and Grace Adler on Will & Grace. There is also another show called Home MADE. There are two teams as well as houses and whoever gets the designed making it the worst room, good judges, is eliminated. Another show around the Style Network, hosted by Niecy Nash, is Clean House where they re-do messy homes into themed rooms the clients need. Other shows include Design using a Dime, Designed to Sell, and The Decorating Adventures of Ambrose Price. The show called Design Star is becoming more popular over the 5 seasons which have already aired. The winners with this show end up having their own TV shows, that are Color Splash hosted by David Bromstad, Myles of Style hosted by Kim Myles, Paint-Over! hosted by Jennifer Bertrand, The Antonio Treatment hosted by Antonio Ballatore, and ultimately Secrets from the Stylist hosted by Emily Henderson. Bravo boasts a selection of shows that explore the lives of interior designers. These include Flipping Out, which explores living of Jeff Lewis and the team of designers; Million Dollar Decorators explores the lives of interior designers Nathan Turner, Jeffrey Alan Marks, Mary McDonald, Kathryn Ireland, and Martyn Lawrence Bullard.

Interior design also has become the subject of radio shows. In the U.S., popular decor & lifestyle shows include Martha Stewart Living and Living Large featuring Karen Mills. Famous interior designers whose effort is featured on these programs include Bunny Williams, Barbara Barry, and Kathy Ireland, a few.

Many home design magazines exist to provide advice regarding color palette, furniture, art, along with elements that fit in the umbrella of home design. These magazine often target related subjects to draw in a more specific audience. For instance, architecture as being a primary element of Dwell, while Veranda is well known being a luxury living magazine. Lonny Magazine as well as the newly relaunched, Domino Magazine, meet the needs of a young, hip, metropolitan audience, and emphasize accessibility plus a do-it-yourself (DIY) approach to home design.

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